*cheesy talks*

I was so busy with the office today that i literally had to skip my lunch!  Just when i recieved a text


“Working my ass out, on a conference call with canada”

“Your future home” Ashton was trying to be funny while my eye balls were literally popping out sitting in front of the screen without food. Now i totally understand what hunger is.

Canada ! Ghosh thats a place near to him and after being denied a US visa for 5 times i had no more courage to apply for the sixth time.

Ashton always said “come to Canada and we can meet” oh yes! US citizens are allowed to cross the border, infact they are welcomed everywhere while our rejections, i feel are like a  friday movie to US govt. They can grab a popcorn tub and enjoy seeing us suffer.

Coming back to our conversation

“I will die of cold” i replied

“You will in america too” ofcourse! He  chose to live in the coldest part of that country

“Lets go to Panama” i dont know from where does he get such weird ideas but i definitely love this boy

“Lol get yourself a nice girlfriend coz i am nothing but trouble, being with me means your life would be troublesome. They all wont let you live in peace, plus i am a trouble myself, my stability is quite insane” yes you can definitely call me a mood spoiler, this dirty habit of spoiling a nice conversation and talk shit was my way of replying

“I dont want another girl, i want you”

I had a big smile on my face right up to my eyes and then the phone buzzed again

“So tell America you are not a terrorist and get the fuck over here”

“Shut up and sleep” my morning means his night plus he had a little accident at work and he had to rest

“Come take care of me”

“I so want to” and there i was, emotions drooling all over me, getting all sentimental and really wishing that i had either a time machine or i was Harry Potters best friend…. sigh!

“I wouldn’t let you” and there starts Ashton’s drama of being a strong man who could take care of himself blah blah!! Such a jerk i tell you! But all mine

“You are very strange” that’s all i had in my mind :/

“Lol, like, if i was sick or hurt, and just wanted to lay around and do nothing, and you were to join me…that would be great, but doing things for me, i dont like that”

“Sorry i am the later types” he was irritating

“You lay in my lap while i rub your head or play with you hair” and the cheesy talks begin

“The sick one has to lie”

“It would make me feel better if you did so”

“Perfect, and we watch movies”

“Yep movies and nap all the day”

“Till we are broke”

“Lol. You have no idea how badly i want a day like that or how much i wish you were all mine”

“Same here and if we dont end up together its gonna leave a permanent scar on my life. It sounds funny as i have never met you but you are so damn important like you have no clue how much i wanna be with you”

“Forget that ‘if we dont’ lets make it happen, somehow someway lets MAKE it happen”

“Its not easy for me Ashton”

“Even if in the future we both leave our countries and culture behind and move somewhere random”

“I love you”

Such an emotion draining conversation it was. I suddenly felt all lost and hopeless and wanted to be in his arms and cry it out. He went to sleep while i kept on pondering for long time. Life is so funny. Ashton and Veronica are so perfect for each other  but their fateis so screwed up.

“There is no pretending and with absolute clarity, I love you,and I will love you until I die,and if there’s a life after that,I’ll love you then Ashton”

He makes me feel special and though i deny i love his cheesyness! It makes me feel alive and worth this life.

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