*The HE effect*

“Here??” A message blinked on my screen from Ashton.


“How’s your day going?? Busy at work?”

nopes!!! Totally time pass!!!!, whose working :/

“I’m working lol”

Very good!!!, you dint see all those 7-8 messages on iMessage???, don’t have manners to reply?  I was so mad at him for this, mad as a barrel of drunk monkeys.

“I don’t send you a lot of messages while you sleep..I don’t want to wake you up” Did I just hear it right!!! Did he just taunt me for sending him messages while he was sleeping??? 😮

Such an asso, I keep on waiting for his message and all he has to say is this??? And suddenly he started eating all the light around me.

You know well i guess what time i am up!!! It was kind of 5 hours back!!!

“You don’t normally wake up until I am driving to work, and I didn’t know u were up because you didn’t say gm like you normally do”

Yeah i dint coz u don’t ever have manners to reply to my texts

“I reply to them after you wake up”

Don’t argue, I am not sending u only any messages now!! So that u don’t have to give your little fingers all the pain to type in a reply

“That’s fine…I don’t have time for your tantrums while I’m at work anyways”


“Don’t be all moody and I won’t call them tantrums lol. I told you before…I don’t get all soft and girly when someone is upset…I make fun of them and annoy them, Especially when they’re upset over something so lame”

Thank you for calling me lame too!! Yeah i am lame and i would always be lame!!!!

“I know that already…and I will ALWAYS give you shit before being lame lol”

And what are you>????? Oh yes Ashton Garcia is always right: /

“I’m so happy to know that you finally understand :)”

Can i like punch you

“You can punch me but might break your hands”

And the mad and furious Veronica was smiling big right up to the eyes. This is the kind of effect this guy has on me. I buried my face in my palms and all I wanted to was run to him and hug him tightly. So fucking pure. I should be in hell for being the sinner.

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