*Vegeterian Vs Non-Vegeterian*

Connect 4 has become an integral part of my life…wait, OUR life…. Me and Ashton!! Yes, he taught me that game and we play it ON CHAT!! You know iMessage has those white, red, and blue ball emoticons. Exactly!!! We decide things playing this game and recently we had an argument over the name of our imaginary baby! We have an imaginary Baby Girl and while i am big fan of Indian names, Ashton wanted it to be English.

“We play connect 4 for the naming rights” That was typical Ashton, he knew well i would lose like always and so the ball was in his court

“Why not, huh”

“Ok, you pick your top 3 names, and i pick my top 3. The loser gets to pick the name from the winners list”

“And what are your tops 3?”

“You first lol” Sometimes i feel like murdering the word LOL all together

“Kavya, Maahi, Pearl”

“Haley, Alayna, Katheirne (but probably Kat or Kate) I mean seriously? Kate? That’ such a horrible name

“All three sucks equally” and i meant it though i did like Alayna a bit but it should have been Alana and not Alayna

“hahaha” Whas was so funny in my answer is what i fail to understand

“All American names u Bias human” i snapped back

“Alayna isn’t English”

“Really? Hebrew?”

“Alayna means beautiful, Haley means meadow and also the name of most coveted comet ever”

“i asked language?”

“Irish” Why the fuck would i have Irish name for my baby??

“You are Irish, so you want Irish names?”

“You picked Indian names yourself and i am not Irish lol” Again LOL?? :/

“It would be an Indian name and thats final. period!!”

“I disagree, anyways what do we teach her? 😮 😮 , Hindi, English, Vegeterian, meat lover? Yes, i am a complete vegetarian and i accept no torture on animals and this human wanted my baby to eat the fucking meat!! NO!!

“Vegetarian OFCOURSE”

“Again i disagree, i believe in free choice, baby wants to eat a live chicken, why not?” LIVE CHICKEN???? WTF does that mean? he wants my baby to become a cannibal like himself

“No and NO means No”

“She can be a vegetarian when you are around”  How typical American :/

Shut up, i would teach her all bad things about meat”

“okay so i guess we can never have babies LOL” LOL again?? :-l


“I know we joke, but before you decide you want to be with me, you would have realized, we could never agree on children :/

“No, i would have a vegetarian baby”  The typical stubborn me

“so do i want a baby, but not a vegetarian one”




“i can agree to no beef, even sea food…but essential vitamins and minerals are found in animals” wow!!! 85% India is vegetarian, so does he meant that Indians are all deficient ? Moron

“Shut up”

“No health risk for baby, and i am serious, if she chooses no meat herself i support”

“i will teach her ‘no meat’ policy”

“you teach her no meat….. i teach her ‘meat when mommy isn’t home'”

“And then out of the house you go”

” i will have you deported back to Indian Lol”

“Baby’s mother has first right on the child FYI”

“Fuck you”

“Thank you 🙂 “

“Lol, now we have to get her into some activities, i vote singing lessons. Young girls sing well”

“No she will paint”

“Why not both?, Painters are lame”


“A little, but i made an exception for you”


“i know”

And it goes on…………… This is how our conversations take a shape. Random, stupid, fun but in the end it makes us smile. I have been with Adrian since 3 years but we never had such beautiful conversations. This were all those things he never gave me. My crazy tear ducts betrayed me and a drop fell from the corner of my eye. the route to my ‘Happy Ending’ looked so clear yet so hazy. there were large sized thorns on the way that are likely to tear me apart and also make me bleed. As much as i wanted to be in a castle i wanted to take Ashton aliong with me in this journey. the question was









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