*Awesomed all over the place*

Ashton and I define “Being Weird” totally! We see those dreams that none of us are sure, whether we would be able to see that day or not. A small beautiful house or you can say a small cottage with lots of bookshelves and comfy couches. Veronica loves to read and Ashton loves to sleep, so that’s our perfect spot. Airy rooms with big windows where we can put “Paper pin wheel fans” by the window.

pin wheels

My love for origami is beyond compare. Our incredible deck with rocking chair would also have some origami birds hanging here and there. The deck would be having some rocking chairs to sit and look at the beautiful view.


Garden is too big to maintain but we will have few flower pots on the window with wild flowers and pink roses. Family photographs on the wall decorated by sea shells which we are going to pick ourselves while we have a long walk on the beach. Kitchen would be an open one with colorful fruits and vegetables. A basement for his singing instrument and garage for my painting stuff. Oh yes!! His basement room is gonna have a separate small kitchen for his chicken lol! Far away from my vegetarian kitchen.


With a big, expensive house comes huge financial responsibilities and so we chose peace of mind and quality daily life.

So again while we have such beautiful house plans, we do come back to our meat arguments, have a look at his nasty message after I said something on women and freedom:

I said world is better if men own women lol. They cook and clean and all that good stuff. Or we can sell them or trade them if we get sick of them. Everybody wins lol

Loser, why not!!! :/ , what r u doing

On a break

Food? You eat something except chips?

Salad actually hahaha

Wow!! Health conscious?

Yep! Lettuce, green pepper, onion, Cucumber, tomato, carrots, black beans, chili lime seasoning

No meat in it?

And spicy chicken breast!!!

:/ , loser


(Puke), how can u eat that gross thing i don’t understand!!

My cooking isn’t gross

You yourself are gross

Lol, you’re in love with a gross boy: P

You eat dirty thing, u shower in 30 seconds and i don’t know whether u brush or not!! And :/ yeah hard luck


Tooth brush, brushing the teeth

What’s that?!

You pig

Yep :), Oink oink


Ashton is a real sweet guy who wants to do everything to not ruin the relationship, he doesn’t fight back and tries to get out of it by making me  laugh- he probably listens but doesn’t want to spark the fire even more. That is what I find cute!

With Adrian it’s like I say one thing and he would jump into the competition of abusing me. I say one, he returns with three and in the end ‘I hate him’

Normally boys got crazy during fights and I am lucky that he keeps me smiling even when I am in a fighting situation.

Only if the luck would have come a bit earlier……

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