Heartbeat: My Life, My Struggle, and the Love I HAD

Thank You Heartbeat!!

The Fickle Heartbeat

Heartbeat: My Life, My Struggle, and the Love I HAD

Shared by Veronica.

“My husband is not the one for me” and that reality has slapped me hard in the face.

I never really paid attention to any abandoned buildings, until I, myself, became one of them. Now I look at all of them so carefully. Those paints scrapping out of the walls and, infrastructure remaining dying a slow poisonous death. I try and sense the aura around to see if I can still smell the life that once resided in here. They are just like me, once full of life, dying a slow death.

I am Veronica, 26 years old, MARRIED

Life was boring and monotonous until i walked into Ashton Garcia. Ashton is like a normal man, nothing different from ‘my husband’ Adrian but I have a CONNECTION with him – “When you know, you know”. The closer i get, more I realize, I cannot be with…

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