A letter from a friend

I have always seen her lively, always speaking her mind out, someone who’s always there for her friends (at least I can say that because I know she’s there, even if call her at 4 in the morning), a gal for whom the life is not meant to be spent but to live and that too, to the fullest.

We were together during our college, she was a senior to me, but there was something that connected us at a wink of an eye. Yes, its been like 4 years or so, and I haven’t seen her for last 3 years I guess, but we are updated about each others life, not on a daily basis, but on a secondly basis… yes!

You never know we might turn out into a lesbian couple in the near future lol! You never know…the circumstances we are going through may lead us to a different kind of love… :p

I know almost everything about veronica and Ashton, and trust me…apart from listening it directly from her I prefer reading it through her diary, coz there she bleeds her heart out. Her emotions, her feelings, her love and veronica herself is right there  in every word. I understand the circumstances and regional boundaries shes bounded to, but my point is that we live only once, and that one life must be taken well taken care off.

Veronica must do what her heart asks her to do, after all her happiness dwells in and around Ashton.

I know some people might think that it is a love that flowered on some social networking site or blog spot, but is it really necessary to see each other or have physical relationship with each other to have a thing called LOVE.

Now coming to Adrian, Veronica’s lawfully wedded husband, who was meant to cherish her, love her, keep her protected, be it good or bad is doing something totally different. I understand long distance relationship hardly work, but how come Ashton and Veronica are all good with their long distance relationship,, which actually is not bounded with things called marriage, responsibilities, boundaries, n blah blah….

Even they are managing right? No they are not managing, they are living…whatever time they have together, they are trying to make the best out of it….

My point is why she (Veronica) is not allowed to live on her own terms….coz shes a girl, born in the country or a kind of culture where ‘what people will think or say’ is way more important than what will make you as a person happy and satisfied…

One thought on “A letter from a friend

  1. People refuse to accept how you feel, in the grand scheme of things. Take interracial couples, where the family despises the guy simply because he is not of the same racial make-up. Forget that he treats her as gold, respects her like a Queen and provides. Nope! That is completely irrelevant. You are not of the same racial make-up, therefore all of the positive aspects are meaningless. Our daughter’s happiness is meaningless, unless you are of the same racial make-up. Illogical minded people cannot think rationally.

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