Diary Closed – Some memories never die however you try


Standing there
Looking back at me
Is my life
And what it used to be

Filled with love
So perfect and sweet
Was my wonderful life
Nothing had it beat

But it all came crashing down
When you said goodbye
Turning my smile to a frown
And bringing tears to my eyes

My lip in a tremble
My eyes blood shot red
This was the part of my relationship
The part that i would always dread

To lose you
Brought great saddness and despair
And brought me also to realize
Just how much you didn’t care

My begs and pleads
Meant nothing to you
And i soon found out
There was nothing i could do

I lost you in my battle
Between my depression so great
And losing you brought me down
To the point of a break

And now i sit
With a knife in hand
No one can fix this
No one understands

A new start may be in line
A tearful goodbye
I’ll just follow the sign
Until the day i die

I knew it was over between us because that night, when i sat to write, the paper turned RED

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