Meet Veronica


Veronica is like any other normal 26 years old MARRIED girl. Life was boring and monotonous until she walks in to Ashton Garcia. Ashton is like a normal man, nothing different from Veronica’s husband Adrian but they have a CONNECTION – “When you know, you know”. The closer she gets, more she realizes she cannot be with him. Damage is done and it is beyond any repairs.

This are random pages of Veronica’s diary. They are not in sequence and not necessary in order but these are her true feelings which she had penned down.

How can someone I never knew be such a huge part of my life?

Love is never planned and if it, it cannot be love. This is what happened when I first started talking to Ashton. No! It was not the love at first tweet, but the attraction our conversations and Google searching generated caught me off guard. I never thought it would go that long. Considering it as a crush was my mistake coz’ I fell in love. To be honest I fell in love with his voice. It was like a drug for my soul. Until that voice message, it was a mere “not so serious” types. It had to be a voice of someone who sings, not professionally but for hobby and within next few weeks i made sure all my best girlfriends had those sound clips on their device “in their playlist”,and on the top. I made it compulsory for them to listen.It was kinda “Bitch Mode Activated” for them. But the love they had for me, they accepted my threats without any counter-threats.

You cannot expect a married girl to fall in love.

We were technologically inseparable, another added advantage of digital age but it not a piece of cake to trust someone whose like thousands of miles away and totally opposite of you. But I did. Our relationship was always a few months on a few months off. He had his life. I had mine.

we met through a social platform and within a few hours we were exchanging emails and over the next few days I discovered I was falling for this kind, funny and intelligent man. He’s really kind and sweet and funny, but he lives in the USA and I’m all the way over the pond, otherwise I would’ve arranged a meeting and probably got abducted. He was a kind of guy who could put my insecurities to deep sleep. He had the capability to dive into my eyes and taste all my fears.

And so this is my story in bits and pieces…..

Lastly, I am Veronica and this is my diary.



5 thoughts on “Meet Veronica

  1. Well…I think a married woman has right to fall in love…because if she isn’t happy in her marriage…it’s pretty obvious that she can fell in love…just out of curiosity…Is your marriage arranged ???
    And you have a great blog here Veronica…keep writing 🙂


    • Thank you so much and no it is unfortunately love marriage but the situation and events were never in my favor and tho i tried a lot i just fell out of it and if you read all the pages of my diary you will get an idea as to what happened and daily i will tell one more thing as to what is going on …..


  2. Hi Veronica, I will not judge you but say that you have a right to fall in love and deserve happiness. It’s very courageous to speak about falling in love. I feel there is a reason to fall out of love with the spouse and people tend to blame the person who is attracted to someone else. But, relationships are complex. Admire your honesty:)


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