Cute Conversations

“Don’t sleep early today”

Ashton: “Ok any reason? or you just enjoy talking to me more than usual today? Ok 🙂 i’ll stay up as long as i can”

“I enjoy it more today”

Ashton: “Sorry i am so boring the other days”


“Why are you smiling so much”

Ashton: “You do that to me”

“Glad and good for you”

Ashton: “Just for you? you saying I dont’ make you smile a lot?”

“You do more than i do”

Ashton: “I will change that”


Ashton: “I have a surprise for you”


Ashton: “Maybe a bottle of wine”

“I will give it back, i hate wine”

Ashton: “Maybe i am driving my car to India”

“it takes 4 months”

Ashton: “Can you tell, i enjoy messing with you ;)”


Ashton: “If you get mad, i will get you some flowers 🙂 (Red Roses) Sorry no red tulips this time princess”

“Pink roses, those emoticons are red, i like pink”

Ashton: “red rose, pink tulips – that’s all emojis let me do :(”


Ashton: “they don’t let me put your favorite”

“I don’t know, manage it anyhow”

Ashton: “i will call the emoji comapny”

“Please :)”





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